Afraid of Bare Skin


March 6, 2013 by hightideanddusk


For a week I decided to not to wear make up, and bare my bare skin to the watching world. There were a number of reasons for this: firstly, my skin was going crazy and slathering on more oil and substances wasn’t going to help it improve, and I also felt that I had developed a dependence on make up for image confidence. Nasty! The crazy thing is, it’s been a week and my perception of make up has changed completely and now I’m considering flagging it from my daily routine.

A week ago, being in public felt like a catwalk through my city, on which I was under constant scrutiny from other women (despite the fact most people are more likely to be thinking about themselves than anyone else). I always felt like my face and what I was wearing wasn’t up to scratch, even though in front of my own mirror that morning I was 100% happy (or at least 70% happy) with the way I’d dressed myself/done my hair/makeup. Not wearing make up not only helped my skin clear up but it changed the way I see myself in public. Score!

My decision to flag make up for a while came from sitting bored in a lecture and looking at my peers, which on my course is mainly made up of guys. None of the guys on my course wear make up (during the day…when they’re performing it’s a different story haha!) and as I was looking around them the thought occurred to me, “Why can they not wear make up and still be classified as looking good?” And then it made me examine why I wore make up…to cover up my ‘imperfections’ and improve my face.

Those imperfections are this: bags under my eyes, acne, red cheeks, paleness.

But is that really that point of make up? If I look tired, it’s because I am. If I look ‘zitty’, it’s because I’m not taking good care of my skin. If I’m pale, it’s because I am! My family heritage is built on being of European descent and English blood broils through my veins. Is that really something to be ashamed of?If I have red cheeks it’s probably because I’ve been rushing, or, am sunburnt, OR, I’m blushing.

My skin is telling the people around me a story, one that the people who care about me need to be able to see. If they couldn’t see that I’m tired, how could they ever ask me how I’m doing, if I’m okay?

My story is valuable, my story is important, and my story is totally unique to me. No one else will have a story or skin like mine!

Wearing make up to ‘cover up’ that story is submitting to the idea that dissatisfaction with my life is good, and that I should be the same as every other woman around me.

NO! Lame as. I don’t want to be a part of the grey mass of dissatisfied humanity!

So what is make up for? It is too enhance the beauty already present. Makeup won’t make us beautiful. Make up does not carry the essence of beauty within itself,



With this perspective the insecurities I feel walking down the street because I’m not wearing makeup/wearing too much/wearing too little all evaporate.

I chose not to wear make up today because I know I am beautiful, regardless of whether I wear it or not, and because I am proud of my skin and the story it tells.


One thought on “Afraid of Bare Skin

  1. Rebekah Orr says:

    Beautiful, Jo. Wonderful 🙂

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