Climbing Everest

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January 5, 2014 by hightideanddusk

Apparently my body doesn’t like something I’ve eaten, or maybe not eaten, in the past 48 hours and now I’m too exhausted to do anything but sit, and maybe stare into space. 

All this time to think and mull and observe what goes on in my thoughts is rare, and though I’ve done almost nothing of consequence with my time, I feel more satisfied than if I’d climbed Everest. 

“Imagine the future and do it now.” 

My Everest for 2014 is envisioning my future. Not dreaming what I think I should dream, or what others would have me dream, but dreaming up what I truly desire. And somehow paper and pen, ordered lines and to do lists don’t cut it with this kind of dreaming. 

One of my dreams is to not be afraid of spending my time doing nothing. Not being afraid of silence, of reflection. Not being afraid of myself, my coloured, kaleidoscope of a soul. 


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